Working toward a Treatment and a Cure

Physicians Quality Care is participating in a national research study that will collect blood samples from people who have had the coronavirus and are now symptom free to help researchers develop treatment and a vaccine.

Physicians Quality Care is partnering with Clinical Research Solutions in the COVID-19 Study. “We will be collecting blood samples and nasal swabs from patients who tested positive for COVID-19, have recovered and are now symptom free,” said Dr. Melanie Hoppers, Chief Medical Officer at Physicians Quality Care.

“We are excited to participate in this study as our nation’s health care providers look for the best solutions to fight this pandemic,” Hoppers said. “This is a way to learn more about possible treatments from those patients who have already recovered from the virus.”

For more information about the study, contact Aubrey Walgren or Amy Arnold at Clinical Research Solutions at 731-431-5027.

Dr. Hoppers is not a newcomer to clinical research studies. Over the last several years, she has overseen 10 studies at PQC, with most of those studies on the flu virus.

“The COVID-19 study is another step in our efforts to provide the best care for our patients,” she said.

COVID-19 Protocols

If you have fever, cough, and shortness of breath and are concerned that this might be COVID-19, please enter through the traditional ‘primary care’ entrance located between the main ‘urgent care’ entrance to the south and the ‘occupational medicine’ (OCCMed) entrance by the red Mack truck to the north. You will check in and wait in a dedicated area away from other patients.