Concerned About the Coronavirus?
Get Tested in Our Safe, Secure Facility

If you are concerned about having the coronavirus, you can be tested in our secure clinic at our Jackson location on Pleasant Plains Extended in the Columns.

To help prevent further spread, we need to identify people who may be infected, but who have yet to exhibit any symptoms. An individual may be asymptomatic for seven days or longer before becoming ill.

We encourage you to get tested if:

  • You have concerns that you may have been exposed
  • You have someone at home at high risk
  • You yourself are at increased risk

If you are concerned, let us test you. We are treating and testing patients with COVID-19 concerns in a clinic that is completely separate from other patients. It has a separate entrance and exam rooms.

When a patient arrives at Physicians Quality Care for COVID-19 testing, we will also obtain a complete history, perform an appropriate physical exam, and screen for other common illnesses that are treatable yet may mimic COVID-19 symptoms. We will follow our strict isolation protocols, and each patient will be individually seen in our dedicated COVID-19 facility.

We use FDA-approved COVID-19 tests that are sent to a nationally accredited reference laboratory that is approved by the CDC. Results usually come back within five days, although the exact time frame depends on national volume.

How To Get Tested

The first step is to call 731-984-8400 for information on how to be seen. You can also call from our parking lot when you arrive where you will receive specific instructions. You will enter through an entrance isolated from all other patients and be taken directly to a private exam room. You will not be required to wait in a public waiting area and will be kept isolated from other patients and staff not specifically treating potential COVID-19 patients.

For those with other medical concerns, we are now operating separate clinics at our Jackson location to allow us to continue to see primary care patients and treat other illnesses and injuries without undue risk.

  • Primary care patients, such as people with diabetes or high blood pressure, along with Occupational Medicine clients and patients, will use the new OCCMed entrance on the north side of the clinic.
  • Patients who need urgent care for injuries and illnesses not related to the coronavirus will use the regular urgent care entrance.
  • All patients who have fever, cough or shortness of breath, or who are concerned they may have the virus or been exposed to it or who want to be tested for the virus will use the former Primary Care Clinic/OCCMed door after being instructed by the medical staff. 

The Jackson location is open from 7 am to 11 pm, seven days a week. No appointment necessary.

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