At Physicians Quality Care, it’s all about making your visit a good experience.

  • You can fill out your patient information online and let us know when you are arriving. Click the button above, and we’ll be ready for you.
  • You can call ahead (731-984-8400) and reserve your place in line.
  • Or, if we’re busy when you get here, we’ll take your information and you can leave to run errands, go to a restaurant or pick up the kids from school. We’ll call or text you when it is close to your turn to see a doctor.

Where else will you find a concierge who works with you to make your visit as pleasant as possible?

A unique environment for urgent care

  • Free coffee, hot chocolate, slushees and snacks.
  • Classic sitcoms in our movie theater.
  • A playground.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • A comfortable library area filled with things to read.